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On our platform, you do not have to learn the functions and understand the instructions for a long time - everything is clear on an intuitive level, and our care service will help with the rest.



Your account on the platform is a single workspace tailored for you and your team. Embodi your knowledge and experience in a structured bright product using a powerful editor with a convenient material designer. In addition to creating the course itself, you will set up all learning processes here: from student access to courses to the issuance of diplomas.

Data protection

We make every possible effort to protect your intellectual property from copying. We store the information that is needed to verify your identity in encrypted form to protect all users from fraudsters. To do this, we use the AES encryption algorithm, which is used by many government agencies around the world.

Working with a team

Grow your team and delegate tasks to colleagues using flexible user rights settings: from minimal access to full product management.


Use your domain to personalize your product.

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Control the learning process and student activity using platform tools. Every student and every course will be visible.

Scheduler and groups

Form groups of students for effective learning, and use the calendar to schedule the course so that lessons are available at the right time.

Increase efficiency

Control the learning process, attach homework and tests of various types to help students absorb the knowledge they have learned. For greater efficiency, create tests with a time limit.

Learning outcomes

Reward work and create additional publicity for your name with branded alumni certificates. Ready-made templates are waiting for their owners on the platform.

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Sales tools

Choose and connect mailing services and payment systems directly on the platform to effectively promote your products and accept online payments in more than 100 world currencies.


You have a whole set of integrations with additional services, outgoing webhook and API that will make your possibilities on the platform almost limitless. Create your own educational products and place them on any platform using an open API and all the necessary data.


Manage your sales with a whole system that stores the customer base, transaction history, and is also available for customization to your needs.


Recommend our platform and get rewarded for each friend you refer as a percentage of their payments. Money can be used to pay for your plan, storage in Softbook Cloud, or pay for services.

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