12 reasons why you should choose an LMS platform

Learning management systems (LMS) have completely revolutionized the way we think about and approach education and corporate training. A true educational revolution has taken place, where platforms are now key tools in teaching, learning, and professional development. What are LMSs and why are they so important? In this article, we’ll look at the main advantages of using such systems.

Advantage №1. LMS and centralized management

Thanks to LMS, all learning resources, student information, schedules, and all communications are gathered under one “roof”. There is no need for teachers to switch between Google Docs, Zoom for classes, and email or messengers for communication. This solves a lot of administrative issues and organizes the educational process.

Advantage №2. LMS is about flexibility in scaling

Any online school owner wants to increase the number of students with each new stream, but in reality, not everyone can easily adapt to the growing number of users. Therefore, the scaling process in the Softbook LMS platform ensures that training programs can develop according to their needs without any complications.

Advantage №3. Availability of courses around the clock

If you can’t find time to study during the day, many LMS systems are cloud-based, so you can do it at night and from anywhere. That is, if you are a working specialist or it is more convenient for you to study materials at night, then there is no problem. An LMS platform provides flexibility and convenience in learning. Yes, in the 21st century, education can be continuous.

Advantage №4. LMS is not about dusty books from the library, it’s about interesting media content

There are few people who really like to find a book that already has a 5th layer of dust on it and start taking interesting information from it and writing it down in a notebook. It’s much more interesting to watch a creative video, listen to a podcast even in the car, or learn through gamification. It is LMS platforms that allow you to integrate various content formats. This multifaceted approach takes into account the individual characteristics of students in learning the material, which increases their interest and concentration.

Advantage №5. Data and content protection

If you type in the Google search query “Data protection and distance learning in an online school”, you can read a lot of horrific cases that make you think about the security of your own data. This topic is one of the most central on LMS platforms. For example, Softbook has its own encryption methods, regular backups, and reliable authentication mechanisms that ensure the confidentiality of information.

What does this guarantee? What is it for? If you still haven’t typed in the Google search query we mentioned above, then let us explain why it is necessary. This way, the role-based access system ensures that each user sees only the content that is intended for them, so you don’t have to worry about your data being without the necessary protection.

Advantage №6. LMS is about convenience and integration with other services

Not all, but most LMS platforms provide ample opportunities for integration with other services. This is done for the convenience of the educational process. For example, if you conduct webinars, it should be important for you to connect your courses to a service such as Zoom, which greatly facilitates your work. Also worth mentioning is the CRM system in Softbook, which has the ability to collect and record detailed information about customers. With a CRM, you can increase sales revenue, reduce customer churn, and boost your business growth.


Advantage №7. No need to go to Telegram or mail, because all communication tools in the LMS are on one platform

This means that you don’t need to play with tabs on your device while studying, and now you can send quick messages or chats for personal requests from students. In addition, there are dashboards to notify all students and forums for exchange of opinions and support between students.

Advantage №8. LMS is about ease and speed of student assessment, convenience, and integration with other services

Evaluation system on one platform

Nowadays, there are many third-party assessment services, but why choose it separately if the LMS offers its own built-in mechanisms? That is, with such a grading system, you can save time and not worry about the unification of the process.


Advantage №9. Integrated payment systems

Receiving an invoice, a receipt, and easily automating the payment process for subscriptions are just a few of the benefits of an integrated payment system on our Softbook platform. This service is especially useful for those who provide paid content and want a convenient and secure system for processing payments, as well as for students who need to access educational material instantly. Softbook makes the process of paying and opening content as simple and automated as possible.

Advantage №10. LMS is about a high level of professionalism

A unified LMS platform creates a more solid and professional impression, i.e. increases student confidence, creates a memorable brand image for teachers or organizations. Thus, it greatly helps newcomers to successfully position themselves in the market and take their positions.

Advantage №11. Potential for collaboration

Students are especially interested in listening to guest experts who talk about their own experience, about failures and successful cases. An LMS platform makes interaction between teachers or invited guests smoother and more convenient. This way, you can easily and simply develop and implement joint training modules, and with the help of built-in tools, make cooperation harmonious!

Advantage №12. Continuous course improvement process

With built-in feedback tools and modules for collecting feedback, instructors can:

Get students’ opinions after completing each module or the entire course.
Adapt and modify content based on timely feedback.
Create an atmosphere of openness and continuous development.


To summarize the above

LMS for teachers is much more than just convenience, it is a new stage and a big step in education. The ability to centrally manage all aspects of teaching on one platform makes the process smoother, increases the level of professionalism, and ultimately leads to better quality education. The Softbook platform, with its many advantages, is becoming an important tool for modern learning.

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