How to monetize your knowledge: steps to a successful business

Knowledge is a fundamental element of success and development in the modern world. The transfer of knowledge and experience is not only a duty to your own development, but also a responsibility to the younger generation. It is important to understand that the ability to share your knowledge and experience is not only a contribution to society, but also a source of possible income. In this article, we will look at how to effectively monetize your knowledge.


Step 1: Package your knowledge

The first and most important step in the process of monetizing knowledge is to clarify and structure it. This includes creating content, a plan, or a course, depending on the format you choose. For example, you can develop an online course, record video tutorials, create a text course, a podcast, a checklist, or even a book.

Step 2: Preparing for sales

It is important to understand that effective sales require communication skills and an understanding of the psychology of potential customers. Even if you’re not a public speaker, knowing the basics of public speaking and the psychology of influence will help you present your product more convincingly. We recommend learning more about the processes of interaction between people and the techniques of successful presentation.

Therefore, we recommend reading these books to anyone who is going to create their own courses:

“The Psychology of Influence” by Robert Cialdini;
“Invisible Influence. The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior” by John Berger;
“The Power of Questions. How to effectively communicate and persuade others” by Trey Gowdy.

These books will help you understand how people make purchasing decisions and teach you how to create more effective and psychologically appealing training materials.

Step 3: Sharing with friends and family

Primary customers are often found among your friends, acquaintances, and social media followers. If necessary, strengthen your personal brand by creating interesting content and participating in discussions on your topic.

If you haven’t been active on social media before, it’s time to start doing so. They are great for promoting knowledge:

Telegram Stories

Prepare content and start warming up your audience’s interest in you and your knowledge. Periodically publish your service or product offer as commercial content.

Step 4: Posting content on the platform

Choosing the right platform to host your content plays a key role in successful monetization.

The Softbook platform has a course builder, as well as the necessary tools for organizing training and monitoring its results. Subscription to Softbook gives you access to various services for mailing, promotion, advertising, payment, etc. You don’t have to think about what and how to integrate and customize. To make sure of this, Softbook provides free access for a whole month to every new client interested in selling their knowledge and experience. You can learn more about publishing content on the Softbook platform in the article “How to Create Your Online Course: A step-by-step guide from Softbook”.

Step 5: Create a website or landing page

To increase visibility and attract more customers, it is recommended to create a website or landing page for your course. Here you can present the course description, testimonials, additional materials, and contact information. However, it is worth noting that if you plan to promote your course on Instagram or Facebook, you can do without creating a page.

Step 6: Online promotion

To successfully monetize knowledge, you need to actively promote your product online. Use social media, contextual advertising, and other online marketing tools to increase visibility and engage your audience. Learn more about course promotion tools in Softbook’s video on YouTube.

Step 7: Create and sell additional products

Customers who have already purchased your course may be interested in additional products, such as consultations, extended materials, webinar participation, etc. Offer them additional products that will help them deepen their knowledge and skills, and they are willing to pay for it.



Monetizing your knowledge is not only a way to make money, but also a way to share your experience and influence the development of others. By following these steps, you can create a successful business based on your knowledge, paying attention to the quality of content, its effective sale, and further development of products and services. And in order to simplify your life and start selling your knowledge faster and easier, Softbook comes to the rescue.

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